iTrust Daily Insight

iTrust Daily Insight
Edition 8.23.2019

Dear Reader (which title we use sincerely),

This morning we are going to dispense with our longer economic comment and merely comment about the price volatility we are seeing today.

Digital currency prices are up 2%-2 1/2%, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is down 450 points (about 1 1/2%), gold prices are up almost $30 per ounce (up over 1%) and copper prices (the chief industrial metal) are down 1%. 

All this seems to be on the back of President Trump sending Twitter messages today indicating he may be planning to ratchet up pressure on China to negotiate regarding China’s historical requirements that US companies doing business in China share (ie give away) their Intellectual Property. 

We know you do not necessarily look at the markets every day and every moment and wanted you to be aware of what is happening in the markets given the amount of volatility we are seeing today.   

Tim Shaler is Chief Economist of iTrust Capital.  He is a published Real Estate economist, was a portfolio manager and asset allocation expert at his previous firms and is an adjunct professor at Webster University. His MBA (Finance) and MA in Russian Economic History are both from the University of Chicago.

For all media inquiries, please contact Blake Skadron at b.skadron@itrustcapital.com

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