iTrust Daily Insight

25th October
iTrust Daily Insight
Edition 10.25.2019

October 25 – Mid-Day Market Update

Market Data Today

We will be sending out a more fulsome set of market commentaries and analysis later today.

But we wanted to alert our community that digital (crypto) currency asset prices are all up an additional 8-10% in the last few trading hours.

We suspect some market participants may have information not yet widely available.

We caution digital currency traders and investors to seek to understand the news driving the price action before ‘diving in’.

We will offer our commentary within the next few hours.

Very Best,

Your iTrust Capital Economics Team

Tim Shaler is Chief Economist of iTrust Capital.  He is a published Real Estate economist, was a portfolio manager and asset allocation expert at his previous firms and is an adjunct professor at Webster University. His MBA (Finance) and MA in Russian Economic History are both from the University of Chicago.

For all media inquiries, please contact Blake Skadron at b.skadron@itrustcapital.com.

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